Kizventure Park aims to offer the hours of fun and happiness to everyone in the family, where you and your kids can spend quality time to enjoy the new exciting experiences that are waiting to be explored. Here at Kizventure Park the family can have their leisure time with our facilities provided in a safe, clean and entertaining environment where the kids can see the world of amusement lies in their hands.

The Kizventure Park is an indoor playground established on Ratchaphruek road. There are 2 floors of play area. The ground floor is for free-play for children which provides the small play gym for toddlers and main play gym for kids 4 years old or above, as well as mini golf, and sports arena. The second floor consists of 2 rooms. The rooms can also be used for kid birthdays, private play-groups, structured play sessions, and other events and sessions. Playground at Kizventure Park is an ideal place for members of the family for all occasions. Kids will be excited with our play areas that allow them to burn out their energy, stretch their muscles and let their imaginary flows. They will be encouraged to develop a deep logical thinking and problem solving skill when they enter the play area with more complex levels, which will be their brand new learning experience for them to enjoy.

At Kizventure Park, safety and hygiene are our first priority issues that we concern about. Our play area are designed and constructed based on the European standard EN 1176-1 &emp; EN 1176-10:2008 (Play Equipment). We have well selected the specialists who responsible in maintaining and monitoring for the function of our facility together with the cleanliness of the play area. The play area and all the facilities will be cleaned before and after the operation hours. The BIG CLEANING DAY will be arranged once a week in order to disinfect the area.